Symbolic Value : Canonical Format Conversion

_xxx (ODS Types) - Identifies the Domino data structure to ODS functions.

#include <odstypes.h>

Symbolic Values :

_xxx - ODS Type symbols that identify Domino data structures. The symbol is just the Domino data structure name prefixed with an underscore. See Description for the complete list of all ODS type symbols.

Description :

You must specify one of these symbols as the type input to ODSLength, ODSReadMemory, and ODSWriteMemory.

You must call ODSReadMemory to convert data structures from Domino canonical format to machine-specific (host) format, and ODSWriteMemory to convert a data structure from host format to Domino canonical format.

Your API program must perform this conversion if (1) it runs on non-Intel architecture machines, and (2) it is reading or writing item data of one of the following data types:


Sample Usage :

void           *pItemValue;
CDFONTTABLE     cdFontTab;
CDFACE          cdFace;
WORD            wIndex;

/* RecordPtr points to the item value in canonical format after the
  datatype word. The item value starts with a CDFONTTABLE structure.
  Call ODSReadMemory() to convert this CDFONTTABLE to host format and
  store it in cdFontTab. ODSReadMemory() advances pItemValue to
  point to the next byte in the input buffer after the CDFONTTABLE.

pItemValue = RecordPtr;
ODSReadMemory( &pItemValue, _CDFONTTABLE, &cdFontTab, 1 );

for (wIndex = 0; wIndex < cdFontTab.Fonts; wIndex++)
   ODSReadMemory( &pItemValue, _CDFACE, &cdFace, 1 );
   printf( "    Font %d:\n", wIndex );
   printf( "       Face    = %d\n", cdFace.Face );
   printf( "       Family  = %d\n", cdFace.Family );
   printf( "       Name    = %s\n", cdFace.Name );

See Sample Program :

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