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Symbolic Value : Constants; Rich Text

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_xxx - Specfic HTML client events.

#include <editods.h>

Symbolic Values :

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_QUERYOPEN - Before the form is opened

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_QUERYMODE - Before the form is changed to Read or Edit mode

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_POSTMODE - After the form is changed to Read or Edit mode

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_POSTRECALC - After the form is refreshed (and values are recalculated)

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_POSTSAVE - After the form is saved

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_POSTSEND - After the form is sent

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_QUERYRECALC - Before the form is refreshed

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_FORM_QUERYSEND - Before the form is sent

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYOPEN - Before the view is opened

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_POSTOPEN - After the view is opened

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_REGIONDBLCLK - Region in a calendar view or folder is double-clicked

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYOPENDOC - Before a document is loaded

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYRECALC - Before the view is refreshed

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYADDTOFOLDER - Before the document is added to a folder

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYPASTE - Before a paste operation

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_POSTPASTE - After a paste operation

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYDRAGDROP - Before a drag and drop operation

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_POSTDRAGDROP - After a drag and drop operation

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYCLOSE - The view is being closed

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_ONOBJECTEXECUTE - Object is activated by an OLE2 server that is FX/NotesFlow enabled

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_QUERYOPEN - Before the database is opened

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_POSTOPEN - After the database is opened

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_DOCDELETE - After a document is deleted (the document is still available)

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_QUERYCLOSE - The database is being closed

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_QUERYDELETE - Before a document is marked for deletion

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_QUERYUNDELETE - Before a document is unmarked for deletion

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_QUERYDRAGDROP - Before a drag and drop operation

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_POSTDRAGDROP - After a drag and drop operation

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_QUERYENTRYRESIZE - Before a drag operation in a calendar folder or view

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_POSTENTRYRESIZE - After a drag operation in a calendar folder or view

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_VIEW_INVIEWEDIT - Relates to in view editing

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_SCHED_INTERVALCHANGE - Relates to a scheduled interval change event

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_QUERYARCHIVEDRAGDROP - Before an archive drag and drop operation

HTML_EVENT_CLIENT_DB_POSTARCHIVEDRAGDROP - After an archive drag and drop operation

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