Function : Main Routines

NotesInitExtended - Notes runtime initialization routine

#include <global.h>

STATUS LNPUBLIC NotesInitExtended(
int argc,
char far * far *argv);

Description :

This routine initializes the Notes runtime system for all environments. This function also replaces NotesInit() on OS/2 and Windows systems.

API programs that start with main() must call NotesInitExtended() before calling any other Notes API functions. After completing all Notes API actions and before the program exits, call NotesTerm().

NotesInitExtended uses argv[0] to locate the Notes executable directory and the resource directory. Then it performs the same initialization that NotesInit() performs.

Applications may use more than one thread of execution accessing Notes. Each new thread created by an application must call NotesInitThread() before making calls to Notes and NotesTermThread() before the thread terminates. Please refer to the reference pages for these functions for more information.

Parameters :

Sample Usage :

/* Initialize Notes for any platform. */

   error = NotesInitExtended (argc, argv);

   if (error)
       fprintf (stderr, "\nError initializing Notes.\n");
       exit (EXIT_FAILURE);

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