Allow users to transfer files to each other
Community Services allow end users to transfer files to each other over the network while using Sametime Connect or attending a Sametime meeting. The administrator can enable or disable this feature. When you enable this feature, both authenticated and anonymous users can transfer files.

The file transfer feature does not work with Sametime Links. For more information about Sametime Links, see the IMWC Directory and Database Access Toolkit documentation available from IBM DeveloperWorks at

Caution Computer viruses can be spread through transferred files. To protect against this possibility, users should have current third-party anti-virus software installed. The anti-virus software real-time protection settings should be enabled and set to scan all files.

Enabling file transfer

To enable the file transfer feature:

1. Select the "Allow users to transfer files to each other" check box on the Configuration - Community Services tab in the Sametime Administration Tool.

2. Enter a maximum file size for transferred files, in KB. The default maximum size is 1000 KB. Keep in mind that the larger this number, the more network bandwidth it is possible for Sametime users to consume with file transfers.

3. Set virus scanning to Always (strict mode), When available (relax mode), or Never (off mode). In the strict mode, if scanning cannot be done, the file is not transferred. In relax mode, the file is sent with a message that the file was not scanned, allowing the user to decide how to handle the file, or it is not sent if scanning reveals a virus. In the off mode, files are not scanned.

When you select this check box, a user who is sending a file can:

The person receiving the file can:
A user is allow to transfer files if this feature is allowed both through Configuration - Community Services tab and through the Policy for the user. Allowed file types and maximum size can be set in Policy. File transfer size can also be set in Configuration - Community Services. Enabling/disabling file transfer on the Configuration - Community Services tab affects both authenticated and anonymous users. (Anonymous users can transfer files while in a meeting.)

For more information on policy in file transfer, see the chapter "Setting User Policy with Sametime."