FolderReferencesEnabled property

Read-write. Determines what folders, if any, a document is in.

Note This property is new with Release 5.

Defined in

Data type

To get: flag = notesDatabase.FolderReferencesEnabled
To set: notesDatabase.FolderReferencesEnabled = flag

Not all databases support folder references, so you should first test (using db.FolderReferencesEnabled) to make sure that the database supports folder references, prior to getting the folder references for a document in the database.

Note The database must have the $FolderRef and $FolderRefInfo hidden views to support folder references. These views can be copied from the Release 5 mail template. Also, this property does not return view references.

The following script creates a new document in the database, puts it into "view1", "view2", and "view3" folders, then prints out all folder references and a count for each document.