Establishing Access Rights in Your Notes ID File
You must configure your server Notes ID file so that the Notes ID login file used by the LEI server is shared across all your Notes-based applications. This task must be performed manually using the steps below.

Note In case you do not perform this task prior to initiating LEI installation, a screen appears during LEI installation instructing you to perform these steps. To simplify the installation process, perform this task now.

1. Locate the Notes login ID file used by the LEI server.

2. Copy that Notes login ID file to a location that you can access from a Notes client.

3. Choose File -- Security -- Switch ID from your Notes menu.

4. Change to the Notes ID file copied in step 2 by selecting it from the resultant list.

5. When prompted, enter the password for that specific Notes login ID.

6. Click File -- Security -- User Security to open the User Security menu. Enter your password when prompted.

7. From the User Security menu, click the Security Basics option.

8. On the Security Basics screen, ensure that the setting "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes programs" is enabled. Once it is enabled, click Next on the installer screen to proceed.

9. Click the What Others Do option.

10. On the Using Workstation screen, enter "Enterprise Connector Products/Lotus Notes Companion Products" in the "When code is signed by you" list and enable the required fields as shown in the following graphic.

11. Save and close the User Security menu.

12. Copy the Notes login ID file back to its original location, replacing the existing file.

13. Restart Domino.

Notes.ini KeyFileName

The LEI server on the iSeries runs as an add-in task to the Domino server. It runs under the All activities launched by the LEI server also run under

If you launch activities outside of the LEI server, for example, through a call to LEIACT, you may need to set KeyFileName to a valid user ID other than that of the server. If a password is required and the requesting process is not interactive, a password prompt will occur on the Domino console.