Other ways to create a message
To create a new messageProcedure
Using stationery
  1. Open your mail database, and choose Actions - Tools - New Memo - Using Stationery.
  2. Select stationery and click OK.

For more information, see Creating and using stationery for mail.
From your address book
  1. Open your address book and switch to the Contacts view.
  2. Select the names of people (or groups) to whom you want to send the message.
  3. From the menu, choose Actions - Write Memo. Notes adds the names to the To field of the new message.
From another message, calendar entry, or To Do item
  1. Open your mail, calendar, or To Do list and open the message, entry, or To Do item.
  2. Choose Actions - Copy Into New - New Memo. Notes adds the subject, body, and all address fields from the original document to the new message.
From the Welcome page (Quick Notes)
  1. Click the left-facing blue triangle at the middle right of the Welcome page.
  2. Click the prompts, for example, "Enter names to send mail to," and enter recipients, a subject (optional) and your message.
  3. Click Send.
From the toolbarClick the New toolbar icon, if you have toolbars displayed, and choose "New Memo."

New Tool

That contains a document link
  1. Open or select the document. Note that the document must be in a database the recipient has access to.
  2. From the menu, choose Create - Mail - Special - Link Message. Notes adds a document description to the Subject field and a document link to the body of the new message.
About a phone call
  1. Open your mail.
  2. Choose Create - Special - Phone Message. Notes opens a custom form for you to enter information about the call.
For a database manager
  1. Open the database.
  2. Choose Create - Mail - Memo - Special - Send Memo to Database Manager. Notes adds the manager's name to the To field of the new message.
Using a word processorSee Creating mail with Lotus Word Pro or Microsoft Word.
To an underlined name in an existing messageMove your cursor over names in the To, cc, or bcc fields of a message to see the underlines. Right-click an underlined name and choose "Create Memo to."

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