The Server Controller and the Domino Console
The Server Controller is a JavaŽ based program that controls a Domino server. Starting the Server Controller starts the Domino server it controls. When a server runs under a Server Controller, you can send operating system commands (shell commands), Controller commands, and Domino server commands to the Server Controller. For example, from a remote console, you can use Controller commands to kill Domino processes on a server that is hung or to start a Domino server that is down.

You can use the Domino Console, a Java-based console, to communicate with a Server Controller. You can run the Domino Console on any platform except Apple Macintosh. Using the Domino Console, you can send commands to multiple servers. The Domino Console doesn't require a Notes ID, only a Domino Internet name and password, so you can connect to servers certified by different certifiers without having multiple Notes IDs or cross-certificates. You can customize output to the Domino Console -- for example, use local event filters to specify the types of events the Console displays. You can also log server output to log files and customize the appearance of the Console.

The Domino Console functions strictly as a server console. Consequently, the Domino Console doesn't include the full set of Domino administration features that are available through the Domino Administrator and the Web Administrator, and you can't use it to open and manage Notes databases.

The files needed to run the Server Controller and to run the Domino Console are provided with Domino and Notes.

You can also use remote consoles in the Domino Administrator and Web Administrator to communicate with a Server Controller.

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