Introducing the Discussion, Document Library, and TeamRoom templates
This guide explores and explains key features of the following templates:
Database titleFile nameDesign template name
Discussion - Notes & Web (6)DISCSW6.NTFStdR6Disc
Document Library - Notes & Web (R6)DOCLBW6.NTFStdR6WebDocLib
TeamRoom (6)TEAMRM6.NTFStdR6TeamRoom

The Discussion template

A Discussion database -- probably the most common productivity application -- is an electronic conference room. Any group can use a discussion application to create and maintain structured discussions. The content of a discussion database can range from a tightly controlled discussion for a small project team to a more freewheeling, soapbox-style forum for an entire organization.

In a discussion database, users can follow discussion threads -- that is, collections of documents relating to a common theme -- compose new documents, or enter responses to existing documents.

For example, a discussion thread may consist of deliberations and an ensuing decision about a project that the group is undertaking. Someone evaluating the decision might look at the discussion thread for a record of the workgroup's ideas and how they evolved over time. Or a new user of the database might scan a discussion thread to find out the current state of information about a particular subject.

The Discussion template provides all of the forms for composing documents, views for viewing documents in different ways, and a navigation structure.

The Document Library template

A Document Library database is an electronic document organizer for creating, reviewing, and managing a collection of reference documents for a workgroup. The template serves as an excellent model of how to construct a workflow application. The template provides the structure to move a document through a review, edit, and approval cycle.

As in a Discussion database, a Document Library main topic can be about any subject, and the database can contain discussion threads on anything the group needs to discuss. However, in a Document Library database, the focus is on document management for a group, rather than on a discussion that evolves indefinitely. Therefore, the main group activity that the database supports is sending a document through a review-and-editing process, rather than composing a series of new responses to existing documents. For this reason, the Document Library template implements full-featured review processing of individual documents.

The TeamRoom template

A TeamRoom (TM) database is a structured discussion application that captures the most important collaborative operations of a workgroup. These operations include:

The TeamRoom database concept combines characteristics of Discussion databases (structured discussions) and Document Library databases (reference document management). However, a TeamRoom database captures the flow of group activities as well as the flow of ideas and the flow of reference documentation. Consider TeamRoom a knowledge manager for a project.

Note The TeamRoom template, unlike the templates for Discussion and Document Library applications, is available only with a Lotus Domino 6 server installation, as it relies on the server for much of its functionality.

Access control for a TeamRoom application

The recommended default access is Author, so that any individual on the team can compose documents. Other access levels such as Designer or Editor make sense for individuals with special responsibilities in the workgroup. For example, a team member with Designer access can restate the team's mission or create subteam status documents.

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