FTDomainSearch method
Conducts a Domain Search, that is, a full-text search of all databases listed in a Domain Catalog and marked as included for multi-database indexing.

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public Document FTDomainSearch(String query, int max, int sortopt, int otheropt, int start, int count, String entryForm)
   throws NotesException


String query

int max
int sortopt otheropt int start
int count
String entryForm
Return value



The current Database object must represent a Domain Catalog.

If you don't specify any sort options, you get the documents sorted by relevance score. If you ask for a sort by date, you don't get relevance scores.

Query syntax

To search for a word or phrase, enter the word or phrase as is, except that search keywords must be enclosed in quotes. Remember to escape quotes if you are inside a literal.

Wildcards, operators, and other syntax are permitted. For the complete syntax rules, see "Finding documents in a database" in Lotus Notes 6 Help.

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FTDomainSearch method in LotusScript NotesDatabase class

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