Making a Domino log

The The NotesLog class provides these methods for opening a log:

The Close method closes a log.

These methods make entries in the log:

The LogEvent method can be used on servers to generate Domino events on the network, including events that can be seen by the NotesView product.

The following table lists the NotesLog properties:
PropertyData typeDescription
LogActionsBoolean(Read-write) True to enable action logging; true unless you set it to false
LogErrorsBoolean(Read-write) True to enable error logging; true unless you set it false
NumActionsInteger(Read-only) Number of actions logged so far
NumErrorsInteger(Read-only) Number of errors logged so far
OverwriteFileString(Read-write) True to write over an existing file rather than to append; false unless you set it true
Parent NotesSession(Read-only) The session that contains a NotesLog object. For COM only.
ProgramNameString(Read-write) Name of the script to which the entries apply; this string precedes each log entry

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