Replication or save conflicts
Multiple users can simultaneously edit the same document in one copy of a database or edit the same document in different replicas between replication sessions. When these situations occur, Domino stores the results of one editing session in a main document and stores the results of additional editing sessions as response documents. These response documents have the title "Replication or Save Conflict." Domino uses the $Revisions field, which tracks the date and time of each document editing session, to determine which document becomes the main document and which documents become responses.

Replication conflicts

A replication conflict occurs when two or more users edit the same document and save the changes in different replicas between replications. These rules determine how Domino saves the editing sessions:

Save conflicts

A save conflict occurs when two or more users open and edit the same document at the same time on the same server, even if they're editing different fields. When this situation occurs, the first document saved becomes the main document. Before the second document is saved, a dialog box indicates that the user is about to save a conflict document and if the user saves the document, it becomes a Replication or Save Conflict document.

Note ACL and design changes never result in replication or save conflicts; the most recent change always prevails.

Preventing replication or save conflicts

These techniques reduce or eliminate replication or save conflicts.

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