Compares the alphabetic order of the elements in two lists pair-wise.

Note This @function is new with Release 6.


@Compare( textlist ; textlist ; [ options ] )



[ options ]
Return value



The comparison sequence for the English character set is as follows: the apostrophe, the dash, the numbers 0-9, the alphabetic characters a-z and A-Z, and the remaining special characters. The sequence for the alphabetic characters is in order, lowercase character first: a, A, b, B, and so on through z, Z. This sequence can lead to some anomalies; for example, "new york" compares before "New Boston." Use the [CaseInsensitive] option, or @UpperCase, @LowerCase, and @ProperCase to address this behavior.

If you set Unicode standard sorting as the sorting option, you cannot select the following keywords or combinations:

You specify Unicode standard sorting by setting the notes.ini variable $CollationType to @UCA, or by selecting the "Unicode standard sorting" checkbox that displays in the following dialog boxes:
*The Unicode option is disabled in the Database and Design Document Properties boxes until you select a default sort order.

For more information on Unicode sorting, see

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StrCompare function of LotusScript language

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