Using the Domino classes
Domino Designer defines LotusScript classes that allow you to access Domino structures on two levels:
The following table outlines the LotusScript classes defined by Domino Designer:
DatabaseNotesACLRepresents a collection of all the access control list entries for a database.
NotesAdministrationProcessRepresents the Administration Process.
NotesACLEntryRepresents a single entry in an access control list.
NotesAgentRepresents an agent.
NotesColorObjectRepresents a color.
NotesDatabaseRepresents a Domino database.
NotesDateRangeRepresents a range of dates and times.
NotesDateTimeProvides a means to translate between LotusScript and Domino date/time formatting.
NotesDbDirectoryRepresents the database files on a server or on the local machine.
NotesDocumentRepresents a document in a database.
NotesDocumentCollectionRepresents a collection of documents.
NotesDOMAttributeNode Represents an attribute in a NotesDOMElementNode object.
NotesDOMCDATASectionNode Represents a CDATA section in the XML data source.
NotesDOMCharacterDataNodeRepresents character data in a DOM node.
NotesDOMCommentNode Represents a comment in the XML.
NotesDOMDocumentFragmentNode Represents a document fragment in the XML.
NotesDOMDocumentNode Represents the entire XML document.
NotesDOMDocumentTypeNodeRepresents a document type node.
NotesDOMElementNode Represents an element in an XML document.
NotesDOMEntityNode Represents an entity in an XML document.
NotesDOMEntityReferenceNode Represents an entity reference in an XML document.
NotesDOMNamedNodeMap Represents a list of attributes for an element node.
NotesDOMNode A base class representing a single node in a DOM tree.
NotesDOMNodeList Represents a list of the child nodes of an element node.
NotesDOMNotationNode Represents a notation declared in the DTD.
NotesDOMParser Processes XML into a standard DOM tree structure.
NotesDOMProcessingInstructionNode Represents a processing instruction.
NotesDOMTextNode Represents the textual content of an element or attribute.
NotesDOMXMLDeclNode Represents the version of XML being used.
NotesDXLExporterRepresents the conversion of Domino data to DXL (Domino XML) data.
NotesDXLImporterRepresents the conversion of DXL (Domino XML) to Domino data.
NotesEmbeddedObjectRepresents embedded objects, links, and file attachments.
NotesFormRepresents a form in a database.
NotesInternationalRepresents the international settings in the operating system.
NotesItemRepresents a piece of data in a document.
NotesLogRepresents actions and errors that occur during script execution.
NotesMIMEEntity Represents a NotesItem of type MIME.
NotesMIMEHeaderRepresents a MIME header.
NotesNameRepresents a user or server name.
NotesNewsLetterRepresents a summary document that contains information from, or links to, several other documents.
NotesNoteCollectionRepresents a collection of design and data elements in a database.
NotesOutline Represents an outline in a database.
NotesOutlineEntry Represents an entry in an outline.
NotesRegistrationRepresents the registration of an ID file.
NotesReplication Represents the replication settings of a database.
NotesReplicationEntry Represents the replication settings for a pair of servers in a database.
NotesRichTextDocLinkRepresents a doclink in a rich text item.
NotesRichTextItemRepresents items that can contain rich text.
NotesRichTextNavigatorRepresents a means of navigation in a rich text item.
NotesRichTextParagraphStyle Represents rich text paragraph attributes.
NotesRichTextRangeRepresents elements in a rich text item.
NotesRichTextSectionRepresents a collapsible section in a rich text item.
NotesRichTextStyleRepresents a rich text style.
NotesRichTextTabRepresents rich text tab attributes.
NotesRichTextTableRepresents a table in a rich text item.
NotesSAXAttributeList Represents the attributes of an element.
NotesSAXException Represents information about errors which occur during SAX parsing.
NotesSAXParser Represents XML as a series of events using a SAX parser.
NotesSessionRoot of Domino database objects--for global attributes, context, and persistent information.
NotesStreamRepresents a stream of binary or character data.
NotesTimerA mechanism for triggering an event every fixed number of seconds.
NotesViewRepresents a named view of a database.
NotesViewColumnRepresents a column of a view.
NotesViewEntry Represents a view entry. A view entry represents a row in a view.
NotesViewEntryCollection Represents a collection of view entries, selected according to specific criteria.
NotesViewNavigator Represents a view navigator. A view navigator provides access to all or a subset of the entries in a view.
NotesXMLProcessorContains the properties and methods common to all DXL processes.
NotesXSLTransformerRepresents the transformation of DXL (Domino XML) through XSLT.
UIButtonRepresents an action, button, or hotspot on a form or document.
FieldRepresents a field on a form.
NavigatorRepresents an object in a navigator.
NotesUIDatabaseRepresents the database that is currently open in the Domino workspace.
NotesUIDocumentModels the behavior of a Domino document window.
NotesUISchedulerRepresents an embedded scheduler in a document.
NotesUIViewRepresents the current database view.
NotesUIWorkspaceProvides access to the current workspace.

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