Adding contacts to your address book
You can save information about people in contact documents in your Personal Address Book. If you save a person's mail address, you can address a message by typing the person's name instead of the entire mail address.

Tip You can create a contact by clicking the blue triangle at the middle right of the Welcome page to open Quick Notes. You can also click the New toolbar icon New Tool, if you have toolbars displayed, and choose "New Memo."

You can send mail to people and invite people to meetings from the Contacts view in your address book. If you save a person's Web page address, you can also visit the page from your address book.

To open your address book, click this icon in the Bookmark bar.

Personal Address Book icon

Tip If there are a lot of names in your Contacts view, you can type letters to search for a name. You can also customize the Contacts view, for example to show phone numbers first or to hide businesses.

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To add a contact manually

1. Open your address book and choose Actions - New - Contact.

2. In the First and Last fields, specify the person's name.

3. (Optional) Specify the person's Middle name, Title, or Suffix.

4. Enter the person's mail address in the Email field.

5. (Optional) Click the button to the right of "Email" to specify details of the person's mail software, such as Fax or Internet Mail. Click the X to delete an entry you don't want to keep.

6. (Optional) On the Business and Personal tabs, specify any other information about the person you want to save, such as company (business) name, multiple phone numbers, birthday, anniversary, or alternate mail addresses. 7. (Optional) Click the Briefcase tab and paste any attachments or rich text you want to associate with the person.
8. (Optional) Click the Advanced tab to specify advanced contact options such as security keys, or to customize the way the contact appears in the view or preview pane.

9. Click "Save and Close."

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To add or update a contact from a message, meeting invitation, or To Do item you receive

If you receive a mail document from one of your contacts, and the contact has a new e-mail address, you can update the existing contact document with the new address. You can also add a new contact from any mail document you receive.

Note Updates to existing contacts do not occur automatically; you must follow this procedure to keep your contact information current.

1. Open your mail database.

2. Open the message, invitation, or To Do item.

3. From the menu, choose Actions - Tools - Add Sender to Address Book.

4. Examine the information Notes shows about the contact and click OK. If Notes finds a name is already among your contacts, you can choose to update the contact information (for example with a new mail address from this message), or skip to the next name.

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To add a contact to your Personal Address Book from a public Domino Directory

1. Open the Domino directory.

2. Select a contact name.

3. Click "Copy to Personal Address Book."

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