Working with IMAP mail offline in a Notes mail database
IMAP Offline mail lets you work with your IMAP mail while disconnected from the IMAP server. Notes stores your IMAP mail in a Notes database that you create.

Your IMAP Offline account defaults to leaving the original mail on the IMAP server as well as replicating the mail to your Notes mail database. You can customize your account to delete the mail from the IMAP server and store it only in the Notes mail database.

Note You don't have to use IMAP Offline just in order to have a local mail database; you can use IMAP Online with a local mail replica.

Tip To use your existing Notes mail as a universal Inbox for mail from your Domino server and your IMAP server, use IMAP Offline and specify your Notes mail database as the mail file for the location where you use IMAP Offline, with local mail use. With this setup, Notes replicates messages from your IMAP server to your Notes mail database, and stores your outgoing IMAP mail in your outgoing Internet mailbox (SMTP.BOX).

For more information on local mail use, see Working online or offline.

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To read and send IMAP mail offline

1. (Optional) If you use a separate location for Internet mail, switch to that location.

2. (Optional) If you want to keep your Notes mail separate from your Internet mail, create a separate mail database using the Mail (R6) template (MAIL6.NTF). If you are using this separate Internet mail database in a separate location, you can also specify it as your mail for that location by choosing File - Mobile - Edit Current Location, clicking Mail, and entering its file name in the "Mail file" field.

3. Set up an Internet IMAP Offline account manually as described in Creating or editing Internet mail accounts manually.

4. Click this icon in the Bookmark bar to open the Replicator page. If you don't see "Receive Internet mail" and "Send outgoing Internet mail" entries, ask your Domino administrator for assistance in troubleshooting your IMAP mail account and connection.

5. To receive mail, click the "Receive Internet mail" entry and choose Actions - Replicate Selected Database. Notes replicates the Notes mail database you're using for IMAP mail with the IMAP server, pulling any incoming IMAP mail into your Inbox.

6. To send mail, click the "Send outgoing Internet mail" entry and choose Actions - Replicate Selected Database. Notes sends any outgoing mail from your outgoing Internet mailbox (SMTP.BOX).

7. From the Bookmark bar, open the Notes mail database you're using for IMAP mail to continue working with the mail.

Tip You can set up your replication page to send and receive mail on a schedule.

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To customize your IMAP Offline account

1. Click this icon in the Bookmark bar to open your Personal Address Book.

2. From the menu, choose View - Advanced - Accounts and edit your IMAP Offline account.

3. Click the Advanced tab.

4. (Optional) If your IMAP server space is limited or your ISP periodically deletes messages, select "Delete IMAP messages on server" to delete messages from the server after they are replicated to your Notes mail database. Leave this option turned off (the default) if you want to keep messages on the IMAP server as a backup, or if you want to access your Internet mail from more than one location.

5. (Optional) Change the "Start replication from last seen unique identifier" field. When set to Yes (the default), the replication for IMAP is optimized, only replicating what's already been replicated. When set to No, Notes will search through every document in order to determine whether to replicate it or not.

6. (Optional) Specify the "Maximum messages/articles to return." This option lets you limit the number of messages Notes replicates from the IMAP server to the Notes mail database. If the option is left blank or set to zero, Notes replicates all messages on the IMAP server.

7. Click "Save and Close."

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