Names are missing from the directory catalog
If names appear to be missing from the directory catalog, take these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Verify that the Dircat task is building the directories as intended

1. Open the directory catalog on the server that aggregates it.

2. Select the Configuration Settings document, and then choose File - Document Properties.

3. Click the Fields tab -- the second tab -- in the properties box.

4. Select the Directories field and look in the box on the right. Verify that the Dircat task can access all the directories specified in the box. Typically, this means making sure that the server that aggregates the directory catalog also stores replicas of all the aggregated directories locally..

5. Select the Since field and look in the box on the right to see the date and time the Dircat task last ran on all of the directories specified in the Directories field. If either of the following is true, run the Dircat task again:

If the "Remove duplicate users" option is enabled, see if someone has deleted a duplicate entry from one of the full Domino directories

If the "Remove duplicate users" option is enabled, the Dircat task doesn't add into the directory catalog all entries associated with an identical hierarchical name. Instead, the task adds an entry from the first directory in which it encounters the name. Dircat searches directories in the order that they're specified in the "Directories to include" configuration field.

If someone removes a duplicate entry from the full Domino Directory that has already been the entry used in the directory catalog, that name is removed from the catalog. For example, if the Acme East and the Acme West directories both contain an entry with the name, Phyllis Spera/Acme, if "Remove duplicate users" is enabled, and if Acme East is listed first in the "Directories to include" field, when Dircat runs, it includes only the entry from Acme East. If someone then removes Phyllis Spera/Acme from Acme East, the name is removed from the directory catalog the next time Dircat runs.

To correct the problem, make a minor change to the remaining entry -- in the above example, the entry in Acme West. This change causes Dircat to add the entry to the directory catalog the next time it runs. You can also correct the problem by clicking the "Clear History" button in the directory catalog Configuration document, although this approach rebuilds the entire directory catalog.

Verify that the User Name fields have values

If there's no value in the User Name (FullName) field in a Person document, the Dircat task won't build the entry in the directory catalog. Notes registration adds values to User Name fields automatically, but if you created Person entries without using the Notes registration program, check that the entries have values in this field.

Use Log_Dircat=1

If the above steps don't solve the problem, add the NOTES.INI setting Log_Dircat=1, which logs information about the Dircat task in the log file (LOG.NSF). Use the logged information to help troubleshoot the problem.

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