Setting delivery controls
You can customize message delivery on Domino, including how many threads are used to deliver messages, whether the messages must be encrypted, how long the server waits for a pre-delivery agent to run, and whether the Router supports the forwarding action in Notes client mail rules.

1. Make sure you already have a Configuration Settings document for the server(s) to be configured.

2. From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab and expand the Messaging section.

3. Click Configurations.

4. Select the Configuration Settings document for the mail server or servers you want to administer, and click Edit Configuration.

5. Click the Router/SMTP - Restrictions and Controls - Delivery Controls tab.

6. Complete these fields in the Delivery Controls section, and then click Save & Close:
Maximum delivery threadsThe maximum number of server threads Domino can create to deliver mail from MAIL.BOX to local mail files. The Router automatically sets the default maximum number of delivery threads based on server memory. Letting the Router select the maximum number is usually best. To set the maximum number manually, enter a maximum between 1 and 25, based on the server load.
Encrypt all delivered mailChoose one:
  • Enabled - When delivering messages to local mail files, Domino encrypts the messages, regardless of whether the sender encrypted the message or the recipient's mail file encrypts messages.
  • Disabled (default) -- Domino encrypts messages only if the recipient's mail file is set to encrypt received messages.
Note When encryption is enabled and an external user requests a return receipt for a message sent to a user whose mail file is on the server, the return receipt message that Domino generates contains a blank message body.
Pre-delivery agentsUsers who create LotusScript or Java agents for their mail files can set the agent to run before new mail arrives. When delivering a new message, if the Router detects such a pre-delivery agent, it runs the agent against the message before the message ever appear in the recipient's Inbox. Use this field to specify whether the server permits the use of pre-delivery agents. Choose one:
  • Enabled - (default) Allows the Router to run agents that process mail before delivering it to user mail files on the server.
  • Disabled - Prevents the Router from running pre-delivery agents.
Pre-delivery agent timeoutThe maximum time (in seconds) that a pre-delivery agent, such as a mail filter, can run before the Router interrupts it. Because the Router waits for pre-delivery agents to complete, failure to restrict agents can slow routing performance on the server. The default time-out is 30 seconds.
User rules mail forwardingNotes users can create mail file rules that automatically process new mail. User mail rules specify an action to take when a newly-delivered messages meets certain conditions. Use this field to specify whether the Router on this server supports the rule action to send copies of selected messages automatically to other recipients. Choose one:
  • Enabled - The Router supports the "Send copy to" action for Notes client mail rules, allowing users to send copies of messages automatically to other recipients.
  • Disabled - Prevents Notes clients from using the "Send copy to" rule action.
7. The change takes affect after the next Router configuration update. To put the new setting into effect immediately, reload the routing configuration.

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