Schedule Manager Tell commands
This table describes additional Tell commands you can use with Schedule Manager.
Tell Sched StatsDisplays totals of reservations and appointments in the free time database.
Tell Sched Show usernameDisplays the specified user's schedule on the server console. Use this command to investigate problems in the free time database.
Tell Sched ValidateImmediately validates a free time database on a server.

Validation occurs by default at 2 AM; however, you can use this command to force it to occur sooner. Another way to force validation is to stop and restart the Schedule Manager.

Validation can take some time. You must issue this command at all servers where mail files have been removed and/or added to ensure that old free time information is removed and new free time information is added to the free time database on the server.

Don't use this command when you add a new user. The Administration process creates Person documents for users in the Domino Directory before creating their mail file on their mail server. Schedule Manager watches for database creations and automatically picks up new users' mail files.

Tell Sched Validate usernameValidates the information for the specified user.

This command is faster than using the Tell Sched Validate command because it allows you to validate individual users, rather than validating all of the data on a server.

Tell Sched QuitStops the Schedule Manager task on a server.

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