Activity Logging tab - Configuration Settings
Activity Logging is enabledSelect this check box to enable activity logging for the servers that you specify on the Basics tab of this document.
Server Activity Logging ConfigurationThis section appears only when the "Activity Logging is enabled" option is selected.
Enable logging typesChoose any number of logging types for which you want to collect information that is stored in LOG.NSF. For Activity Trends, you must enable Domino.Notes.Session and Domino.Notes.Database at a minimum.
Checkpoint intervalEnter the number of minutes that transpire between activity logging updates to LOG.NSF. The checkpoint interval applies to the logging types you selected that have open, active sessions.
Log checkpoint at midnightSelect this check box if you want Domino to automatically create Notes session and Notes database checkpoint records every day at midnight.
Log checkpoints for prime shiftSelect this check box to create Notes session and Notes database checkpoint records at the beginning and end of a specific time period.
Prime shift intervalThis field displays only if "Log checkpoints for prime shift" is selected. Specify the start and end times for the time period.