Router is finding the same name in multiple directories even though the "Exhaustive lookup" setting is disabled
By default, the Router configuration option "Exhaustive lookup" -- available on the Router/SMTP - Basics tab of a Configuration Settings document -- is disabled. If you keep this default setting, once the Router finds a name, it doesn't continue its search to other secondary Domino directories. Disabling exhaustive lookups is a way to improve Router performance .

By design, disabling "Exhaustive lookup" does not apply to a directory catalog. The Router always searches the primary Domino Directory and the entire server directory catalog, even if the exhaustive lookup setting is disabled. This is intended behavior since the Router can use the directory catalog to, in effect, quickly search multiple secondary directories rather than having to take the performance hit of searching these directories individually. These exhaustive lookups allow the Router to ensure there are no duplicate recipient names that might prevent the message from getting to the right person.

The Router returns a delivery failure when it finds a name associated with more than one directory entry and the entries do not have the same Mail server, Mail file, or Domains specified. To avoid such delivery failures when duplicate entries actually represent the same person (for example, when someone's name and directory location within the organization have changed but you want to allow people to address mail using the original name), make the entries in the Mail server, Mail file, and Domain fields identical for each entry.

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