Editing the NOTES.INI file
You should rarely, if ever, need to modify a server's or client's NOTES.INI file. The NOTES.INI file contains many settings that Domino and Notes rely on to work properly. An accidental or incorrect change may cause Domino or Notes to run unpredictably. Therefore, you should edit the NOTES.INI file only if special circumstances occur or if Lotus Support Services recommends that you do so.

There are three ways to edit NOTES.INI settings:

Because directly editing the NOTES.INI file is unsafe, it's best to use a Configuration Settings document to modify server settings.

To edit the NOTES.INI file using a Configuration Settings document

1. From the Domino Administrator, open the Domino Directory and click the Configuration tab.

2. To edit an existing Configuration Settings document, highlight it and then click Edit Configuration. To create a new configuration document, highlight the server for which the Configuration Settings document will apply, then click Add Configuration.

3. To modify NOTES.INI settings on the server, click the NOTES.INI Settings tab. This tab lists a number of current settings in the server's NOTES.INI file.

4. To add or change a setting, click Set/Modify Parameters to display all settings that you can set in the Configuration Settings document. Select the setting(s) you want to add/modify.

5. Save and close the document.

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