Hosting Web sites
The model for hosting Web sites has changed in Lotus Domino 6. You can now use Web Site documents to host Web sites on Domino. The Web Site document is one type of Internet Site.

Web Site documents contain Web site configuration information and are managed through the Servers\Internet Sites view along with other types of Internet site documents. However, for backward compatibility the Domino 6 HTTP task still supports the R5 Servers\Web Configurations view. If you are migrating your site from Domino 5 to Domino 6 you do not need to immediately convert from the old view to the new view. However, you will need to convert to the new view to take advantage of many of the new Web features in Domino 6.

Many of the HTTP task Server record settings used in Domino 5 are now available in the Web Site document. If you enable the new Internet Sites view, the HTTP task uses the Web Site settings instead of those in the Server record.

To enable the Internet Sites view, in the Basics section of the Server document, click "Loads Internet configurations from Server\Internet Sites documents."

For more information, see the topic Converting from Web Server Configuration to Internet Sites view.

Hosting Web sites in Lotus Domino 6

Web sites are not explicitly associated with physical servers. A single Domino domain can support many Web sites. Each Web site can be associated with any number of host names or addresses. All servers in the same Domino domain can use the same Web Site documents in the Internet Sites view. You can specify which Domino servers support a Web site. Each Web site has its own security, file-protection, and URL rules, and you can modify them as needed.

By default, Web Site documents are not associated with specific Domino servers. All servers that share the same Domino Directory -- that is, reside in the same Domino domain -- automatically use the same Web Site documents in the Internet Sites view. This means that you do not have to re-create the same Web configuration each time you add a new server to the domain. When you add or modify a Web Site document, the changes are picked up automatically by all servers in the domain.

An optional field in the Web Site document allows you to specify the Domino servers that will host a site. Servers that are not listed in this field will not load the site configuration.

To set up a Web Site

To set up a Web site on a Domino server, you must complete these procedures.

1. Enable the Internet Sites view.

2. Create a Web Site document.

3. (Optional) Create rules (directory, substitution, redirection) for the Web site.

4. (Optional) Create file protection.

5. (Optional) Create an authentication realm document.

Hosting Web sites in Lotus Domino 5

Lotus Domino 5 uses the model of multiple virtual servers that are associated with a single Domino Web server. Each site is configured with its own IP address; default home page; customized Web server message; and HTML, CGI, and icons directories. All of the virtual servers share a single Domino data directory.

You set up each virtual server with a network connection with its own separate, permanent numeric IP address or map multiple host names to the same IP address. The number of virtual servers is dependent only on your operating system and the system hardware. See your operating system documentation and hardware documentation for more information.

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