Specifying available update sites
Domino® server-based update of features and plug-ins enables you to control which update sites user can obtain features from. Using fields on the server Configuration Settings document in the Domino Administrator client, you can control where (and if) users can obtain features for install and update. If the administrator allows, users can initiate feature install and update. The update process searches an update site or site list for feature updates, as well as updates to composite applications. Update sites can be Eclipse update sites or NSF-based update sites.

You can control feature update, using the server Configuration Settings document and the provisioning setting in the Domino Desktop policy settings document, to restrict the places a user can obtain new or updated features using the enabled Eclipse Update Manager (EUM); you can:

Features can be updated over NRPC or HTTP protocol. You can use either an HTTP (Web-style) or NRPC (Domino style) protocol to specify an available update site or sites.

Note: Although Expeditor allows for automatic feature and component update, Notes does not. All feature and composite application update in Notes must be user-initiated. If referencing Expeditor documentation, make note of this difference in behavior.

Note: If a composite application definition (CA XML) has been updated it can trigger a feature update if that CA XML requests a new feature version.

Server Configuration Settings document options

The server Configuration Settings document contains a Client Upgrade tab, on which you can use the Provisioning tab to add, remove, edit, and disable or enable update sites, as well as determine update site availability.

Provisioning settings are enabled

The Provisioning settings are enabled option is an overall Enable/Disable field, which is disabled by default.

Sites to include in search

You can check the sites that you want to include in the install or update operations. All sites specified in the default site list are available for your selection.

New, Edit, and Delete

You can add new sites to the default site list, edit the server name or URL of a site already present in the site list, or delete a site from the default site list.

Update site options

The Allow client updates only from these sites option and the Use update site specified in Feature option work differently depending on whether only one or both are enabled.

These two options can also work in combination with one another:
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