Configuring the credential store application for the OpenSocial component
This procedure is part of the procedure to set up the Domino® server to run the OpenSocial component and Shindig.


1. Open the Domino Administrator client and connect to the server where the credential store application resides.

2. Click Files.

3. Select the credential store application, right-click and select Access Control/Manage.

4. Give Manager access to widget catalog administrators, your server, and the user who enabled the agents in toolbox.nsf.

5. Add the [Admins] role to any administrative users and to the server.

6. Open the credential store application as a widget catalog administrator and open the Configuration view.

7. Click Create encryption key.

8. Click Create new encryption key and then click OK.

9. Open the widget catalog application as a widget catalog administrator, and open the Administration -> Configuration view.

10. Click Configure Credential Store and enter the Server Name and NSF Name for the credential store database. Click OK. Use the complete path for the server name, for example, renovations/sales, or click Browse to select the IBM_Credstore/credstore.nsf application on the desired server.

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