Widgets and Live Text overview
Widgets and Live Text enables users to see and act on automatically recognized Live Text in a Notes® document using widgets created specifically for their use. For example, a user can see a specially highlighted Live Text string (for example, a flight number) and instantly act on it (for example, look up a flight status) by opening a third-party flight status widget that is linked to that Live Text. Widgets and Live Text also enables power users and administrators to create and edit widgets, and deploy them to users to engage a Notes form, view, or document or third party services such as Web page, feed, or Google Gadget as well as deploy an existing feature or plug-in from an Eclipse or NSF-based update site.

A widget is a tool that can consist of one or more components and actions. An action can optionally contain a wired content type and recognizer to define the Live Text pattern to act on and specifically how to act on that Live Text.

A widget can also be designed to provision items to client systems. For example, a widget can be used to install and update a stand-alone or third-party feature by calling a feature update site to either initially deploy or later provision updates to a client plug-in.

The Domino® server contains desktop policy settings to control Widgets and Live Text functionality, and an application template, toolbox.ntf, to provide the basis for the widget catalog.

The Widgets and Live Text feature is designed for three main user types -- end user, power user and application developer, and administrator. Policy and preferences control various access levels. Roles often overlap.

Note: Widgets and Live Text user documentation is supplied with the IBM® Notes 9.0 Social Edition Help.

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