Running Compact using a console command
You can compact from the console.


1. From theDomino Administrator, on the Server pane on the left, select the server on which to run Compact. To expand the pane, click the servers icon.

2. Click the Server - Status tab.

3. Click Console.

4. Enter the following command in one of the following ways: 1) in the command line at the bottom of the console, and then press ENTER or 2) directly at the console on a server:


The following table illustrates how you can use databasepath to specify databases, folders, and subfolders.

Table 1. databasepath examples
To compactExample commandFiles compacted
A specific database in the Domino® data folderLoad compact SALES.NSFDATA\SALES.NSF
All the databases in a folder relative to the Domino data folderLoad compact SALESDATA\SALES\all databases
A specific database in a folder relative to the Domino data folderLoad compact SALES\USER1.NSFDATA\SALES\USER1.NSF
All the files specified in a .IND file created in the Domino data folder

Note: If you are using the -T flag to specify a view, Indirect files (.IND) cannot be used.

Load compact WEEKLY.IND

where WEEKLY.IND contains:








DATA\SALES\NEW\all databases

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