Creating the widget catalog
The widgets catalog centrally houses available widgets. The catalog is an IBM® Notes® application that can be used as an XPages application.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have appropriate access to enable agents on the Server document, Security tab, Programmability Restrictions section. At minimum, enable the Sign or run restricted LotusScript/Java agents option.

About this task

Administrators and power uses can use the supplied catalog template to create a widgets catalog on a server. A local copy of the catalog is automatically created on the user's client system when the widget catalog server and widget catalog application preference is applied. The local replica is periodically updated based on whatever replication schedule is set for Normal priority applications.


1. Obtain the widget catalog template (toolbox.ntf) installed with the IBM Domino® server. The application title is Widget Catalog (9).

2. Create the widget catalog, for example named toolbox.nsf, using the supplied toolbox.ntf template.

3. Assign ACLs to control access rights to the catalog application for administrators, power users, and end users.

4. Optional: Once you have created the catalog, you can create an initial set of categories for the catalog.
5. Optional: Enable the Toolbox Sweeper agent (ToolSweeper), a scheduled agent set to run against new and modified documents. This agent ensures that widget documents are properly created and populated. Each widget document requires a title and an xml file attachment. If a problem is found, the offending document is removed from the user views, is placed in the Administration/Document Queue, and an e-mail is sent to the document author informing him of the problem. Enable the Sweeper agent by selecting View -> Agents, highlighting the Toolbox Sweeper agent, and then selecting Enable. When prompted for which server to run the agent on, select the server where you have deployed the catalog.

6. If you are using the Widget Catalog as an XPage application, configure the following roles in the Access Control List (ACL):

7. If you are using the Domino OpenSocial component, enable the following agent:
8. Set the widget catalog application launch options to the XPages user interface, which is the preferred interface for widgets.
What to do next

After the agents are enabled, during the procedure for configuring the credential store, be sure to give yourself the [Admins] role in the ACL of the credential store application, credstore.nsf.

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