Configuring widgets for specific Notes client releases
For support of Notes client users in a mixed-release environment, the administrator of the widget catalog on the Domino 9.0 Social Edition server can use the Platform field in widget catalog documents to control which widgets in a category of widget are deployed to client users of this release and of earlier releases of Lotus Notes. You need to enable a preference to use this feature.

About this task

If a desktop settings policy is set up to push a widget catalog server, widget catalog application name, and widget categories to install to the users of the policy, the Platform field determines whether the widgets in the category should be installed on the specific client and release.

Important: OpenSocial widgets should be installed only on Notes 9.0 Social Edition or later clients. To install such widgets properly, set the Platform field to IBM Notes 9.0 and, if you also have iNotes client users, IBM iNotes 9.0.


Set the preferences described in the following table to customize how this filtering works on Notes clients.