Upgrading Notes mail files
After upgrading to Lotus Notes 7, upgrade user mail file templates to the Notes 7 design or to another mail template. If you do not upgrade each user's mail file template, the Notes client user will not have access to the newest mail features. You have three options for upgrading mail file templates:
Upgrade typeUpgrades
Upgrade-by-mailThe Notes client and the Notes mail file template
Mail conversion utilityMail file templates using the mail convert task
Seamless mail upgradeAutomatically upgrades the mail file template after users upgrade their Lotus Notes clients to Notes 7
Note The Notes client user can upgrade their own mail file template by using the Replace Design feature. To do so, the user must open their mail file, and then choose File - Database - Replace Design. From the Replace Database Design dialog box, the user selects the template server from the list of servers, clicks the check box Show advanced templates, selects the template that contains the new design, and then clicks Replace. The mail file template design upgrades to the newest design.

For more information about Upgrade-by-mail, see the topic Using Upgrade-by-mail.

For more information about the mail conversion utility, see the topic Upgrading mail files with the mail conversion utility.

For more information about seamless mail upgrade, see the topic Using seamless mail upgrade.

When you upgrade users' mail files, you can specify any mail template, including:

Note The Domino Web Access (7) template is supported by the Notes 7 client and the Domino Web Access 7 client.

Tip You can use both Upgrade-by-mail and the mail conversion utility to upgrade users. Use Upgrade-by-mail to notify users to upgrade their Notes clients, but do not complete the mail file portion of the notification. After users upgrade their Lotus Notes clients, use the mail conversion utility to upgrade their mail file templates. This ensures that all clients are upgraded to Notes 7 before you upgrade the Notes mail file template.

The following table compares the mail conversion utility, Upgrade-by-mail, and seamless mail upgrade.
Mail conversion utility
  • Administrators determine when to upgrade mail file templates
  • Upgrade options available for upgrading one or more mail files, mail files located in a subdirectory, and so on
  • Upgrades Notes 5 and Notes 6 mail file templates to the Notes 7 design
  • You must ensure that Notes clients are upgraded before upgrading mail file templates
  • Upgrades Notes 5 and Notes 6 mail file templates to the Notes 7 design
  • Can be used to notify users when mail files have been migrated from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Requires users to have at least Designer access to mail files for template upgrades
Seamless mail upgrade
  • Can specify different mail file templates for different Lotus Notes client versions
  • Can also upgrade custom mail folders
  • Does not require users to have Designer access to mail databases
  • Requires that users be assigned to either a policy or Setup Profile. Users not assigned to one or the other are not upgraded.
  • If seamless mail upgrade fails, it prompts users to upgrade their mail files manually. Users can ignore this prompt and select the "Do not display this message again" option.