Opening and viewing Calendar
To open Calendar, do one of the following:
To change the Calendar display

The table below describes ways to change the focus, look, and content of the Calendar.
If you want to...Do this
Change the format of the Calendar view
  • On the Calendar's Day, Week, Month, or All Calendar Entries tab, click the down-arrow and select the detailed format you want.
Calendar's Day, Week, Month, and All Calendar Entries tabs
  • Double-click a date in any Calendar view to open that day in the One Day format.
Move to a different day, month, or yearUse the date picker in the top left corner of the Calendar.
Scroll through the CalendarUse the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Calendar for the Day and Week view. Use the vertical scroll bar for the Month view. Subsequently clicking the scroll bar shifts Calendar focus by the same increment (if you first drag the scroll bar forward two years, subsequently clicking it shifts focus by that same amount and in the same direction).

Click the forward or back buttons on the horizontal or vertical scroll bar to move one view at a time (Calendar focus shifts one day if you are in the one day format, one week in the one week format, and so on).

See only certain kinds of entries Choose Actions - Filter and then select the kind of entry you want to limit the current view to display.
See a summary of entries in the current viewChoose View - Show - Summary. Repeat to return to the main Calendar view.

Tip You can also click Formatting - Summarize to view a summary of entries.

Summarize button

See an entry's informationHold your pointer over an entry to see a pop-up window with basic information.
Move to a particular dateChoose View - Go To Date, then enter a date or select a date using the date box. Click OK.
Move to the current dayChoose View - Go To Today.

Tip You can also click the Today hotspot in the date picker.

Today hotspot

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