Changing fonts
In a document, you can change font style, color, and size. The default fonts for text in Notes on a W32 platform is MS Sans Serif, 10-point, black. (Macintosh users, the default font is Geneva, 10-point, black.) You must be in a rich-text field to change fonts.

Notes offers these text styles:

Font styles

Tip When you edit a document or document feature using property boxes, for example, Text Properties or Table Properties, click the icon in the top right corner, left of the question mark, to get an express view of the most commonly used tools for that particular property box. These are the most commonly used tools in Text Properties:

Text Express

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To change fonts in documents (size, style, color)

1. Put the document in Edit mode.

2. To format existing text, select the text. To format new text, click where you want to enter the text.

3. Choose Text - Text Properties.

4. Click the Font tab.

5. Select a font, size, style, or color.

Text Properties Font


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To change the font size of the Notes display

To change the font size of the entire display in Notes, you can do one of the following:

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