Working with mail online on an IMAP server
When you use IMAP Online, your mail is stored on an Internet IMAP server, and Notes uses a "proxy" database to display your mail in an Inbox. You create and send messages and file messages in the proxy database just as you do in a Notes mail database.

IMAP Online proxy database

Tip You can also create a replica of the proxy database if you want to work with your IMAP Online mail locally. To send messages while working in the replica, specify local mail use so that Notes will hold them in your outgoing Internet mail (SMTP.BOX) until you replicate.

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To work with IMAP mail online

1. If you use a separate location for Internet mail, switch to that location.

2. Set up an Internet IMAP Online account by choosing File - Preferences - Client Reconfiguration Wizard, selecting IMAP, and answering questions.

3. From the Bookmark bar, open the bookmark that has the same name as your IMAP Online account (by default, this is Incoming Internet Mail). Notes connects to your IMAP server and opens the (proxy) Inbox filled with the list of current messages.

4. To read a mail message, double-click it.

5. To send a message, create it and click Send.

6. To see new messages since the last time you worked on the IMAP server, click Refresh - Summaries.

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To specify your IMAP mail as your primary mail

Your primary mail is the mail you get new mail notifications from, as well as the mail that opens when you click the Mail icon in the Bookmark Bar or Welcome page, or choose Create - Mail from the main menu. You can specify your IMAP mail as your primary mail for any location.

Tip If you want to use your Notes mail and IMAP mail separately, keep your Notes mail as primary in most locations and specify your IMAP mail as primary only in a dedicated location such as Internet.

1. Choose File - Mobile - Edit Current Location, and click the Mail tab.

2. In the "Mail file" field, enter the file name of the proxy database. To get the file name, select or open the proxy database and choose File - Database - Properties.

3. Click "Save & Close."

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To customize your IMAP Online account

1. Click this icon in the Bookmark bar to open your Personal Address Book.

2. Choose View - Advanced - Accounts and edit your IMAP Online account.

3. (Optional) Under SSL, select Enabled to secure your account for safe transmission over the Internet.

4. (Optional) Click the Advanced tab to change the "Start replication from last seen unique identifier" field. When set to Yes (the default), the replication for IMAP is optimized, only replicating what's already been replicated. When set to No, Notes will search through every document in order to determine whether to replicate it or not.

5. (Optional) Specify the "Maximum messages/articles to return." This option lets you limit the number of messages you see listed in the proxy database. If the option is left blank or set to zero, Notes lists all messages on the IMAP server.

6. If you make any changes, click "Save and Close."

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