Displaying all Calendar entries
The All Calendar Entries view in the Calendar can display all meeting invitations, meeting workflow documents (such as responses to invitations or notices and updates about your meetings), and other Calendar entries, including holidays. To open the All Calendar Entries view, click the All Calendar Entries tab in the Calendar.

Click the down-arrow on the All Calendar Entries tab to select a display option:
What displays in the viewWhen to use
On My Calendar All Calendar entries that you have committed to, including appointments, reminders, all-day events, anniversaries, and draft and penciled-in meetings. Each instance of a repeating meeting stands alone as its own entry. To see entries you have added to your Calendar in view format.
All By DateIn addition to entries described above for On My Calendar, entries to which you have not yet committed, plus meeting workflow documents (by date that the workflow occurred). Each instance of a repeating meeting stands alone as its own entry. To accept a meeting you previously declined, find a meeting you have delegated, and so on.
Meeting ThreadsAll meeting documents, regardless of acceptance, with repeating meetings and workflow documents indented beneath each parent meeting.To see everything about a meeting in one place.


By default, all entries display by date and time, and you can choose to sort on any of the other columns in the view.

You can act on any of the notices displayed in "All By Date" or "Meeting Threads": for example, accept a meeting invitation.

Tip When you double-click a repeating entry, you see the dates for all of its occurrences.

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