To delete a database
You can permanently delete a Notes database from your local hard drive, from a floppy disk, or if you have Manager access, from a server. If you delete a database from a directory and there are no other files in that directory, Notes deletes the directory.

1. Open a database.

2. Choose File - Database - Delete.

Tip You can delete one or more selected local databases using your operating system. Your local databases are stored in your Notes\Data directory. If you delete a database using your operating system, you still see its bookmark in Notes. Right-click the bookmark, and select "Remove from Workspace" to remove the bookmark.

Note A database is an operating system file, so in addition to using Notes to delete databases, you can use your operating system. For example, you may want to switch to your operating system to delete databases while Notes is performing a time-intensive operation. However, if you use your operating system to move databases to different directories, you must remove their bookmarks from Notes and add them again from their new directory. You must remove and then add a new database's bookmark if you change its file name.

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