Ports preferences
The Notes Client works best when it is connected to a server from which it can receive mail and to which it can send outgoing mail. When you first install Notes, during configuration, you specify a local area network (or broadband) connection, or a dialup connection, whichever is appropriate, for your mail. If you want to specify an additional connection after you have chosen File - Preferences - Client Reconfiguration Wizard, you may need to add a port.

A port is an external socket on a computer into which you can plug a cable or a peripheral device. Ports for communication are called COM ports and are distinguished by number (COM1, COM2, and so on). Each COM port can accommodate only a single peripheral device such as your modem.

When you add a port, Notes enables it by default and lets you specify the Notes locations (Office, Home, and so on) at which you want to use the port. You can specify particular driver options at the time you add a port, and even give the port a familiar name. You need to configure a port for TCP/IP if you need an Internet connection. If you have trouble reaching a server, you can trace a network connection in Notes.


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