Copying a new database to a server
Plan the deployment of new databases before copying them to a server. Tasks to perform include:
To copy a new database to a server

1. Make sure that you have Manager access in the database ACL or the Create new databases privilege in the Server Access section of the Server document in the Domino Directory.

2. Select the database icon from your bookmarks page, choose File - Database - Properties, click the Design tab, and make sure that "Show in 'Open Database' dialog" is selected.

3. Choose File - Database - New Copy.

4. Next to Server, click the arrow to display a list of servers. Then select the server on which you want to place the copy.

5. Next to Title, enter a title for the database. The database icon and the Open Database dialog box display this title.

6. Next to File Name, enter the path and file name of the database. Limit the file name to eight characters plus the NSF extension.

7. Choose one:

8. Optional steps: Note The maximum database size is 64GB on Windows and UNIX.

For more information on encryption, see Domino Designer 7 Help.

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