Installing the first server or additional servers for hosted environments
All servers in an xSP domain run as xSP servers; therefore, you only use the "-asp" portion of the setup command when you install the first server in an xSP domain. All servers subsequently installed into the domain are automatically configured as xSP servers.

Configuring the first or an additional server for a hosted environment does the following:

The service provider configuration provides services to multiple hosted organizations from a single Domino Directory.

Before performing this procedure, see the chapter "Installing and Setting Up Domino Servers."

1. To install the first xSP server, do one:

For more information on installing Domino on UNIX, see the topic "Installing Domino on UNIX systems.

2. Start the server.

3. Choose the Domino Enterprise server setup.

4. As the Setup wizard runs, enter the information appropriate to your configuration.

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