Move a mail file from one server to another
You can use the Administration Process to move a person's mail file from one server in your domain to another by performing a "Move Mail File" action in the Domino Directory or the Domino Administrator.

Note For service providers: An additional administration request is generated in a hosted environment. The "Verify hosted organization storage" request is generated after either the "Check mail server's access" request or the "Promote new mail server's access" request.

The "Maintain trends database record" request is executed as part of a mail file move initiated due to resource balancing initiated by the Activity Trends tool.

Check mail server's access

Verify hosted organization storage
Promote new mail server's access
Create new mail file replica
Change the server on which the agent runs

This request is generated only when there is an agent of the source server that needs to be signed by the destination server prior to running the agent.

Maintain Trends database record
Add new mail file fields
Monitor new mail file fields
Replace mail file fields
Note The user must now access their home server through the desktop so that the Notes Dialup Connection and Location documents in the Personal Domino Directory are updated with the new mail file and new mail server information. After the Personal Domino Directory is updated, Notes creates a "Push changes to new mail server" request, which initiates the mail file delete sequence on the old mail server. If the user accesses the home server exclusively through the Replicator, the Personal Domino Directory is not updated and the "Push changes to new mail server" request is not created.

Push changes to new mail server

Get file information for deletion
Approve file deletion
Request file deletion
Delete mail file
Delete unlinked mail file
Delete obsolete change request
Timing for moving a mail file from one server to another
Check mail server's accessImmediate
Promote new mail server's accessImmediate
Create new mail replicaImmediate
Add new mail file fieldsImmediate
Monitor new mail file fieldsWhen the router recognizes the new mail server for the mail file
Replace mail file fieldsImmediate
Push changes to new mail serverImmediate
Get file information for deletionInterval
Approve file deletionAdministrator's discretion
Request file deletionInterval
Delete mail fileInterval
Delete unlinked mail fileInterval
Delete obsolete change requestDaily
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