System and application templates
These are templates that the setup program, servers, and administrators use to create system and application databases. When you create a new database, some of these templates do not appear in the template list unless you choose "Show advanced templates." Most templates have a file extension of .NTF.

For more information on creating databases from templates, see Application Development with Domino Designer.
Template title and file nameTemplate namePurpose
Activity Trends (6)


StdActivityTrendsDatabaseRecords and reports statistics that portray the activity of users (clients) against the databases on the Domino server where this database resides.
Administration Requests (6)


StdR4AdminRequestsTracks and records Administration Process requests and processes.
Agent Log


StdR4AgentLogLists review actions and errors that occur when a LotusScript program that uses the NotesLog class runs.
Archive Log (6)


StdR50ArchiveLogLogs information about all archived databases and contains information about the number of documents archived, the source database, and the archive database.


StdR4BillingRecords and stores billing information about activity on a Domino server.
Bookmarks (6)


BookmarksOpens a user's databases and links.
Catalog (6)


StdNotesCatalogRecords and stores information about the databases on a Domino server.
Certificate Requests (6)


StdCertificateRequestsActs as a front-end to a single CA-process Internet certifier, implementing a Web-based UI for browser users to request client certificates for their browser or other internet client, and a Notes UI for creating server keyrings for SSL-enabled Domino servers.
Certification Log


StdNotesCertificationLogMaintains records of certified Notes IDs in a Notes community.
Cluster Analysis (6)


StdR4ClusterAnalysisGenerates reports about the cluster configuration to verify if the cluster was configured correctly; locates problems with the configuration.
Cluster Directory (6)


STDR4ClusterDirectoryRecords and stores information about databases in a server cluster.
Database Analysis


StdR4DBAnalysisStores the results of a single database analysis.
Database Library


StdR4DatabaseLibContains a list of public databases to which users can request access.
Decommission Server Reports


StdNotesDecommissionServerProduces reports to help decommission one server and replace it with a server that is already set up.
DECS Administrator Template


DECS Administrator TemplateConfigures real-time back-end connectivity between Domino and external systems when using the DECS (Domino Enterprise Connection Services) add-in task.
Design Synopsis


DesignSynopsisStores the results from a design synopsis of a database.
Directory Assistance (6)


StdMasterAddressBook4.5Provides directory assistance to multiple directories.
Directory Catalog


Lightweight DirectoryHelps to configure and build a directory catalog, which compresses user and group entries from one or more Domino Directories into a single database.
Discussion - Notes & Web (6)


StdR50DiscProvides an electronic conference room for threaded discussions; includes built-in user profiles that allow automatic mailing of links to items of interest; allows for anonymous responses, archiving, and public/private threads.
Doc Library - Notes & Web (R6)


StdR50WebDocLibProvides document storage and allows for review workflow (serial and parallel) and archiving.
DOLS Administration Template


DOLS Admin 1.0Lets you configure any Domino application so that users can download the application for offline use.
DOLS Resource Template


DOLS Resource Template 1.0Lets you configure any Domino application so that users can download the application for offline use.
Domino Administrator (6)


StdAdminDatabaseContains some necessary user-interface elements for the Domino Administrator; do not change this system template.
Domino Certificate Authority (6)


StdNotes50SSLAuthSets up an internal certification authority for use with SSL.
Domino Certificate Publication Requests (6)


StdCertPubRequestsLets you request publication of an SSL client certificate under an entry in the address book.
Domino Change Control (6)


DominoChangeControlUsed by the Domino Change Manager process to manage and execute change control plans. It includes an approval cycle workflow and tight integration with the Administration Process.
Domino Directory


StdR4PublicAddressBookProvides a repository that Notes uses to monitor users, servers, and groups in a Notes community.
Domino Directory Cache (6)


StdDbDirManContains cache times for each database in the server's data directory.
Domino LDAP Schema (6)


StdDominoLDAPSchemaProvides information about the attributes, object classes, and syntaxes supported by the Domino LDAP schema in an user-friendly format.
Domino MailTracker Store (6)


MailTrackerStoreContains information (originators, recipients, arrival times, and status) about messages the server processes.
Domino Web Administrator (6)


StdWebAdminDatabaseCreates a database that allows administrators to use a browser to administer databases.
Domino Web Server Configuration (6)


StdR5DominoWebServerConfigurationHolds custom error pages for use with the Web server.
Domino Web Server Log (6)


Domino Web Server Log TemplateLogs information about activities on a Domino Web server.
Extended Mail (R6)


ExtR6MailCan be used to create a mail database either on a local computer or on a server. Mail databases created from this template are best used by Notes, Intranet or Internet Clients.
Health Monitoring


StdDominoHealthMonitorContains the Health Reports generated by Server Health Monitoring. Domino configuration and performance is periodically evaluated and recorded as health reports and health statistics. Recommendations on how to correct poor server behavior are issued when appropriate. The configuration documents in this database can be used to customize the health evaluation.
Issued Certificates List (6)


Issued Certificates ListA record of the certificates issued by a single certifier. Can be used by a CA Administrator to revoke certificates.
Local Document Cache


NotesDocCacheCreates a user's local document cache database, which stores documents that the user opens and provides fast re-retrieval of documents previously opened.
Local free time info


BusyTimeManages time allotment for the calendar and scheduling features.
Lotus SmartSuite Library (6)


StdSmartSuiteR6DocLibGives Notes users the ability to seamlessly create and save documents using Lotus SmartSuite Word Pro, 1-2-3, Freelance, or Paintbrush, without leaving Notes.
Mail Journaling (6)


StdMailJournalingStores copies of messages that pass through the router. This is a system database; therefore, the messages are saved off on a per server basis, not per user.
Mail Router Mailbox (6)


StdNotesMailboxStores mail from a user that is in route to another user.
Mail (IMAP)


StdR50IMailCreates a proxy database that allows clients to interact using IMAP mail.
Mail (R6)


StdR56MailCreates the standard mail databases used by Notes mail users.
Message Tracking Reports (6)


StdReportsDatabaseCreates reports that measure mail message statistics or usage patterns.
Microsoft Office Library (6)


StdR46DocLibMSAutomatically loads and sizes the OLE object to the window; stores and supports review cycles of documents created with MIcrosoft Office products.
Monitoring Configuration (6)


StdR5EventsStores configuration records for statistics reporting and monitoring tools and stores a listing of server messages.
Monitoring Results (6)


StdR5StatReportRecords information about the activity on one or more Domino servers.
News Articles (6)


StdR60NNTPClientCreates databases on clients to interact with NNTP news sites.
NNTP Cross-Post


StdR46NNTPPostBoxStores and posts articles to multiple newsgroups at a scheduled interval .
NNTP Discussion (6)


StdR5.0NNTPDiscCreates newsgroup discussion databases that the NNTP server uses.
Notes Log


StdNotesLogStores information about activities on a Domino server or a Notes workstation.
Notes Log Analysis (6)


StdR4LogAnalysisCreates a results database that contains one view, Log Events, that is categorized by server. Shows the date and time of events, the source (event or console message), and the text of messages. Does not display times for server console messages.
NT/Migrating Users' Passwords


StdNotesNewUserPasswordsStores randomly generated passwords created when administrators register Notes users from Windows NT.
Personal Address Book


StdR4PersonalAddressBookCreates a client database that stores information about connecting to servers on a network or from a remote site. The database also maintains personal mailing lists.
Personal Journal (R6)


StdR4JournalCreates a personal journal database where users keep private documents.
Personal Web Navigator (6)


StdR50PersonalWebNavigatorCreates a Personal Web Navigator database to access the Internet directly from a client.
Phonebook (6)


StdPhonebookProvides information about the best local phone number to use to connect to a server from anywhere in the world.
Policy Synopsis (6)


StdPolicySynopsisCreates a result database for policy information generated by the Policy Synopsis tool.
Resource Reservations (6)


StdR60ResourceReservationContains inventory and schedule information on meeting resources, such as conference rooms and equipment.
Search Site (6)


StdNotesSearchSiteCreates a database that you can use to perform text searches on a specified set of databases.
Server Certificate Admin


StdNotes50SSLAdminRequests server certificates from either Domino or third-party certificate authority (CA). Also stores CA certificates and manages server certificates.
Server Web Navigator (R5.0)


StdR50WebNavigatorThe server add-in program WEB.EXE uses this template to create the server navigator database that gives Notes users access to the Web. The database stores Internet documents before workstations retrieve them.
Server.Planner: Analyst


Server.Planner: AnalystStores completed Server.Planner queries and stores results associated with those queries.
Server.Planner: Decision Maker


Server.Planner: Decision MakerStores information resulting from the Server.Planner Analyst Query, including recommended configuration(s).
Server.Planner: Vendor


Server.Planner: VendorStores machine configuration information and stores performance results from NotesBench workloads.
Smart Upgrade Kits (6)


StdNotesKitsRepository for Smart Upgrade kits within your Domino domain. The system administrator places Smart Upgrade kits into this database in order to make them available to clients. Lotus Notes 6 will detect these new Update kits and automatically upgrade itself.
Subscriptions (6)


StdNotesHeadlines5.0Allows users to subscribe to various databases or Web sites and receive updates on them.
TeamRoom (6)


StdR6TeamRoomCreates structured, limited timeframe discussion databases; useful for short-term projects or team-oriented activity that requires a special format.
User Registration Queue (6)


StdUserRegistrationQueueCreates the User Registration Queue database that stores information on Notes users pending registration.