Using Microsoft Word or Excel to send Notes mail
You can use mail-enabled Microsoft programs to work directly with your Notes mail on a Domino server. For example, you can use such applications as Microsoft Word or Excel to access Notes/Domino mail and directory services. To do this, you first need to set up a profile that lets you use the Notes Service Providers for the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI).

Note Microsoft Outlook is also a mail-enabled application, and you can use the procedure below to set it up for sending Notes mail, as long as you are not already using IBM Lotus Domino Web Access for Microsoft Outlook.

For more information, If you have installed Lotus Domino Administrator 6.5 Help, see Domino Web Access for Microsoft Outlook. Or, go to the Documentation Library on the Lotus Developer Domain to download or view Lotus Domino Administrator 6.5 Help.

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To set up Notes MAPI Service Providers

1. Install Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Outlook, before installing Notes. This is to ensure that MAPI components are installed before you set up the Notes MAPI Service.

2. Install Notes, if you have not done so, and set up Domino mail during configuration.
3. In Notes, switch to a location from which you commonly send and receive mail, or create a new location.

4. Choose File - Mobile - Edit Current Location, click the Advanced tab, enter the file name of your User ID file in the "User ID to switch to" field, and then click Save & Close.

5. In Windows, choose Start - Settings - Control Panel from the Desktop Bar.

6. Double-click the Mail and Fax icon. This icon is called Mail in some versions and is present only when Microsoft Outlook is installed.

7. If necessary, click "Show Profiles."

8. Click Add.

9. Select "Lotus Notes Mail" from the list and click Next.

10. For the profile name, enter the name of the location you specified in step 3, unless that location was Office (Network). Match the name exactly, including case, and click OK. If the location name is Office (Network), enter simply Office.

11. Enter the password for your user ID and click Next.

12. Click Finish.

13. Select the profile you created and click Properties.

14. Click the Addressing tab to view the Address books for the profile. If you want to add an Address book so you can look up mail recipients automatically when sending messages using Word or Excel, click Add.

15. Select an address book from the "Show this address list first" list.

16. Click OK.

Note You must select at least one Domino directory in the Addressing options so Notes can check the names of recipients of your mail. Choose Tools - Options - Addressing to select a Domino directory if one has not been selected automatically.

Caution IBM does not recommend using a Profile that includes both a Domino address book and a Microsoft Exchange address book.

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To use Microsoft Word or Excel to send Notes mail

After you create the profile for the Notes Service Providers, you can use the following procedure to send mail using Word or Excel.

1. In the mail-enabled product, choose File - Send.

2. Select the profile you set up for the Notes Service Providers.

3. Create and send your message as you normally would.


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