Creating a full-text index
Full-text indexing a database makes finding documents faster and more accurate, and gives you access to features that allow you to refine or expand your search, and to sort your results.

To see if a database already has a full-text index, choose View - Search This View, and look for the green indicator:

Search bar with green indicator

You must have Designer access or higher to create a full-text index for a database. Call your Domino administrator if you want to full-text index a database for which you don't have at least Designer access. Only your Domino administrator can full-text index a database on the Web.

A full-text index can be about 10-20% the size of the database itself (depending on how much text is in the database). You may want to make sure you have the space before full-text indexing a very large database.

To create a full-text index for a database

1. Open the database.

2. From the menu, choose View - Search This View.

3. In the lower right corner of the Search bar, click More.

4. Click "Create Index."

5. Select full-text index options.

6. Click OK.

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