Searching a database for documents that contain specified text
In any database, you can search the current view for documents that contain text (a word or phrase) that you specify. You can also search for documents using conditions; for more information on conditions, see Searching a database for documents that meet specified conditions.

Searching for documents in a Notes database works best when the database has a full-text index. A full-text index offers advanced search features and faster search capability.

To search for documents in a database's current view

1. Open the database.

2. Open the view you want to search. If you want to search the entire database, open the All Documents view, if the database has one.

3. From the menu, choose View - Search This View.

4. Enter the text you want to search for in the "Search for" field. If you enter a phrase, enclose it in quotes, for example, "sales results."

5. (Optional) If the database has a full-text index, you can click More and refine your search using

6. Click Search.

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Viewing the results of a view search

Notes displays a list of documents that match your search, along with a message at the top of the Search bar that indicates how many matching documents were found (Notes also displays this information in the status bar).

When you search for text, Notes highlights matching text in the body of each document returned in the results. For example, here are the matches in a document found in a search for the word bolly:

Search-highlighted text

You can see the highlighted text when you open a document directly from the results list by double-clicking on it. To navigate through the matches in an open document, press CTRL+ (moves forward one match) or CTRL- (moves backward one match).

Note Notes displays highlights only for matches found in the main body of a document. Matching text contained in one of the following areas is not highlighted:

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