Improving the performance of Domino Web Access
By default, Domino Web Access uses compression (GZIP format) to reduce network bandwidth consumption and provide better performance, particularly for users with slow network connections. You can use the following NOTES.INI settings to turn GZIP compression on and off, and to specify the types of content to compress.

After compression, Domino Web Access generated pages are cached in the web server's page cache, which also improves server performance.


Use this setting to turn compression on and off. The default is 0 (on). For example to turn off compression:



Use this setting to define which types of content you want to compress. The default is:


For example, to compress all text:



Use this setting to define which types of content you do not want compress. The default is:


For example to exclude XML data so that it will not be compressed:


Note You can also disable GZIP compression using the "Compress HTTP response data" setting on the Domino Web Access tab of the Configuration Settings document.

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