Event types used to specify event criteria
When you create an event handler based on matching the event criteria, you must specify the type of event.
Event typeGenerates
Add-inMessages related to the Add-in task.
AdminpMessages related to the Adminp task.
AgentMessages related to agents.
ClientMessages related to the client.
Comm/NetMessages related X.PC.
CompilerMessages related to compute and compile functions.
DatabaseMessages related to databases.
Directory (LDAP)Messages related to directory services.
MailMessages related to mail routing.
MiscMiscellaneous messages not in another event category.
MonitorMessages related to events generated on the Domino Administrator by Server Monitoring.
NetworkMessages related to the LAN.
ReplicaMessages related to replication, including event handler notifications generated by a database event generator.
ResourceMessages related to system resources.
RouterMessages related to mail events.
SecurityMessages related to ID files and server and database access, including event handler notifications generated by a database event generators.
ServerMessages related to conditions on a particular server or server connectivity. These messages can include event handler notifications generated by Domino server event generators.
StatisticMessages related to statistic alarms.
UnknownMessages that have an unknown prefix and are not listed in another event category.
UpdateMessages related to indexing.
Web (HTTP/HTTPS)Messages related to the HTTP task.
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