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Product Feedback

You can use this form to submit comments regarding the ease of use of IBM Software products. We value and review all comments, but cannot respond directly to them.

Note: This is not a way to reach Support Services. Use the link provided to contact the appropriate group.

The fields indicated with an asterisk* and boldface type are required to complete this transaction; other fields are optional.

*What product are you providing feedback on?
What type of comment are you providing?
*What area of the product does this pertain to?
(Ex: Mail, Calendar, Blogs, Activities, etc.)
*Provide a detailed comment:
*What is your relationship with IBM?
If Other, please specify:
Feedback ID: NUAA-AZX9M5
If you have supplemental materials to provide that will help us to better understand your feedback, please email it to:
Include the Feedback ID in the subject line so your email will correspond to this form.

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