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Feedback -- What would you like to comment on?

Submit feedback to the IBM Social Business User Experience team. The User Experience team is responsible for creating the interaction design, functionality, documentation, and overall look and
feel of our products.

Use the links below to tell us about the ease of use of our products and documentation and what we can do to improve your interaction with them.

User Experience Documentation Feedback
to let us know:
User Experience Product Feedback to let us know:
  • Areas where the documentation did not answer your question
  • Any type of help you were looking for
    but could not locate
  • Terms that did not match your
  • Thoughts about how to improve your experience
  • Difficulties you had when using the
  • Areas that did not meet your expectation
  • Thoughts about how to improve your experience
  • Features you'd like to see within the

Participate in a product usage survey and influence product direction! The IBM Collaboration Solutions Quality team wants to collect role-based input on your overall product usage and experience. Use the link below to share feedback of your entire experience from deployment to daily usage across multiple products. The results are shared with the development teams.

IBM Collaboration Solutions Product Quality Survey to let us know:
  • Start-to-finish product experience
  • Input from all user roles of the product, especially Administrators
  • Overall product usage and experience for multiple products

Note: This is not a way to reach Support Services. Use the link provided to contact the appropriate group.

For documentation on all IBM Collaboration Solutions products, go to the IBM Collaboration Solutions product wikis.
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