Requesting Delivery Confirmation and Receipt Return
When SapConnect calls the Object Server, it can request a delivery confirmation and a return receipt. The Object Server then sets the flags in the Notes mail appropriately.
Note Note that both the Domino Administrator and the SAP Administrator have required tasks in this process. For related information, see the Chapter 1 section entitled "Overview of MTA Installation on Domino Server and SAP R/3" under "General Considerations".

In order for return receipt to function correctly, the original mail must address the Domino user with the same name that the return receipt will be coming from when the Domino user opens the mail. Generally, that name will be CN=User_Name/OU=OurTeam/O=OurCompany@Domain. If you access Domino address information using LDAP, the address will be in exactly this format.

Note In SapOffice 3.1x, you cannot set the flags for delivery confirmation and return receipt. When you create a new message, they are both set automatically. When you create a reply, neither flag is set. To also receive a delivery confirmation or return receipt for your e-mail reply, set the Domino server environment variable $ObjServerMinConfirmation using one of the following values.

Note Using the $ObjServerAddressIsInternet=1 setting removes the COMMID used to synchronize delivery confirmations and return receipts set from Domino to SAP R/3. Therefore, you must set $ObjServerMinConfirmation=6 in this case, or the Object Client will receive errors when it tries to deliver these confirmations. The COMMID references the e-mail object that a particular e-mail refers to inside of the SAP system.

As with all Object Server notes.ini variables, add an instance number identifier (for example, $ObjServerAddressIsInternet1, $ObjServerAddressIsInternet2) if you are running more than one Object Server process on a given Domino server. If you are running more than one instance but do not have an instance identifier, the same variable is used for all instances.